Directorio del Ministerio

Spiritual Companionship

The ministry of Spiritual companionship is an opportunity for parishioners to connect with the Holy Spirit in a unique way. Once a month, the spiritual directors offer to the parishioners an hour of deep listening and reflecting the movements of the Holy Spirit within them. This is a private sharing with 3 chairs. One for the directee, one for the companion and one for the Holy Spirit.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Burdens)


Manny Piedra - Leader

(786) 343-8785

Robert Fernandez - Ministry Head

(305) 458-


Every Tuesday from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 PM sharp.

BYOB is a ministry created for men. This brotherhood is where men can share with each other their experiences, strengths, hopes and challenges. Through this ministry men can become better husbands, fathers and friends. We have witnessed incredible blessings.

In person at St Louis Catholic Church in Hospitality room A.

On Zoom Meeting ID 728 498 0118
Password 7777

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, I will give you rest.”

Mathew 11:28

Christian Family Movement

The goal of CFM is the development of couples, their families and others in their personal relationships through social consciousness and involvement. This development is built through three cornerstones: a prayerful relationship with God, the community achieved in the CFM Group, and the ability of each CFM group to make considered judgements and act upon them through the use of social inquiry method in our meetings.

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

The Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Ministry offers individuals and parish families the opportunity to commit themselves to at least one hour per month of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharistic Adoration Chapel is located right across the hall from the Church and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We believe the Lord honors our commitment to Him in prayer through His constant blessing of our parish ministries. Your parish family needs your prayer commitment.

Bereavement Ministry

“Blessed are those who weep and mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

The bereavement ministry is open for the newly bereaved and those who have long term grief. Trained, experienced facilitators serve all who have lost a loved on by listening, sharing, and providing grief management resources.

Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is a contemplative practice that can bring about profound spiritual growth. One of the values of this prayer is that you are giving God a chance to manifest Himself. It is a normal development of the grace of baptism.

Contemplative prayer is opening of the mind and heart — our whole being — to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words and emotions. We open our awareness to God, whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking—closer than consciousness itself. Contemplative prayer is a process of interior purification leading, if we consent, to divine union.

Emmaus Retreats

The Emmaus Retreat is given by lay people of the parish for lay people of the parish. It is a call to encounter the Person of Jesus Christ in our lives as Christians and members of a faith community – through prayer, sacrament, and through others.

It is meeting Jesus wherever one may be on their individual faith walk. There are four different modalities - Men’s and Women’s, in both English and Spanish. Notices of upcoming retreats are published in the parish bulletin.

Upcoming Dates:

Men’s English Emmaus Retreat September 6th - 8th, 2024 Online Registration
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Family Adoration

This monthly, second Friday evening, ministry is based on Luke 18:16 and Mark 10:14, “Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” It offers families, especially the children, an opportunity to spend a half-hour before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

We praise Jesus in song, listen to and participate in a brief Biblical teaching, offer family prayer intentions and communal prayers to Jesus and His Blessed Mother, Mary. Our hope is to help create a devotion to and strengthen our belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Friends of Jesus and Mary

We are a prayer group for children of all ages that meet every week. Together we learn how to love, honor and adore God.

The Spirit of God lives in the children and works the fullness of His Grace. The group guides them to find the power of the Spirit within themselves and others and allow it to shine.

They also learn how to be an active member of the community of the church and to take part in it. We are a prayer group for children of all ages that meet every week. Together we learn how to love, honor and adore God. We pray the Holy Rosary, meditate the gospel readings of each week and take them to adore The Blessed Sacrament. All parents are welcome to attend. We are part of an apostolic Movement of the Archdioceses of Miami, The Florida Center for Peace.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church.

Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life.

Legion of Mary

Members of the Legion of Mary are part of an international organization sanctioned by Holy Mother Church to perform liturgical (prayer) and corporal works of mercy through Auxiliary or Active membership.

Active membership includes visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes; visiting prison inmates; feeding the poor and homeless; visiting the sick at homes; volunteering at hospice and promoting devotion to the Blessed Mother through parish events especially during the months of May and October; promoting the devotion to the Sacred Heart through consecration; and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes of families who request it.

Auxiliary membership (praying) requires daily recitation of the Rosary and saying the Legion’s Prayer “The Catena.”

Life in the Spirit Seminar

The seminar consists of several presentations shared primarily within a weekend retreat format with 2 follow-up sessions at the regular Thursday evening prayer meeting. The seminar expounds upon the love of God manifested in a personal experience of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Based on the scriptures, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are discussed both by the presenters and then within small group sessions. This is also a “Growth” seminar in which we further explore our understanding of our Catholic Christian faith as well as experience a new understanding of God’s great gift to us, given at Jesus’ request, the counselor and advocate he sent out of His love for us.

Marriages In Victory

Marriages in Victory is an international Catholic lay movement and an apostolate of the Archdiocese of Miami for marriage enrichment.

Through the combination of Spanish and English language retreats and weekly continual spiritual growth meetings in its different communities, the movement seeks to strengthen the spouses’ commitment to each other as they discover God’s plan for their marriage by offering them practical tools and spirituality. Our main objective is the sanctification of marriage, the fundamental cell of the family, the Church, and society.

Prayer Muffin Breakfast Men

Gather a bunch of guys who said they would never, never, never step foot in the Church for fear the roof would cave in. And Guys that have walked this path in the past but have been transformed and discovered their Love for the Lord and sharing with other men their trials and tribulations.

Throw in some coffee, a bagel or maybe even one of those giant bullets some call a Costco muffin; have a different one of them stand up each week (on a volunteer basis) and share just how miserable they have been all their lives (or not); give them all a few minutes to discuss what was said, and get them all out the door within one hour.

That’s Men’s Prayer Muffin! All we do is meet each week. No homework. If you are interested in putting your toe in the water, this is the place.

Prayer Muffin Breakfast Women

Do you ever look around at Mass and wonder who some of the women are and what is happening in their lives? Well, come join us on Thursday morning from 7:00 to 8:00 AM precisely.

We’ll give you a name tag, but require no other commitment. We read the readings for the coming Sunday, listen to a talk, and share with each other over a cup of coffee and a muffin. Our Ministry has become the hour of the week we spiritually “reset” ourselves as we deal with our own unique lives and share with our sisters of the parish.

Secular Franciscans Prayer Group

The Secular Franciscan Order is a branch of the worldwide Franciscan Family established by St. Francis of Assisi almost 800 years ago. Our purpose is to bring the gospel to life where we live and where we work. We gather monthly to support one another through the ups and downs of daily life, pray together and take opportunities to learn about our Church, our community and our world.

Our rule mandates us to be involved in apostolic ministries and with youth. Some of us are religious education teachers, have a special ministry to animals, have made a commitment to Perpetual Adoration, work with the poor and homeless, visit the elderly and the sick, and have youth ministries.

Come to a monthly meeting at Saint Louis to learn more.

Vocations Commission

The Vocations Commission Ministry is for families to sign up to receive the Vocations chalice, once a week during the weekend Masses to pray for Vocations for priests, lay men, missionaries, etc.

Nueva vida

Nueva Vida is a recovery community for people suffering from addictions and their families. The program focuses on Christian spiritual principles as well as knowledge of the medical field as a means of recovery and healing from addiction and codependency. God is working miracles daily and many Nueva Vida members can attest to his blessings. You are not alone. Nueva Vida is an example of his love working through each of us.

Abraham y Sarah Ministerio

Ministerio que reúne mensualmente a personas de la Tercera Edad, con el propósito de motivarlos para mejorar sus comunicaciones espirituales como las humanas.

Adoración Eucaristica Perpetua

El Ministerio de Adoración Eucarística Perpetua ofrece la oportunidad a individuos y familias parroquiales a comprometerse por lo menos a una hora de oración al mes ante el Santísimo Sacramento.

La Capilla de Adoración Eucarística está en el pasillo frente al Santuario Principal y está abierta 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, 52 semanas al año. Creemos que el Señor honra este compromiso de oración con su bendición a nuestros ministerios parroquiales. Su familia parroquial necesita su compromiso de oración.

Adoración familiar

Este ministerio mensual del segundo viernes por la noche se basa en Lucas 18:16 y Marcos 10:14: “Dejen que los niños vengan a mí; no se lo impidáis, porque de los que son como éstos es el reino de Dios.” Ofrece a las familias, especialmente a los niños, la oportunidad de pasar media hora ante Jesús en el Santísimo Sacramento.

Alabamos a Jesús con cantos, escuchamos y participamos de una breve enseñanza bíblica, ofrecemos intenciones de oración en familia y oraciones comunitarias a Jesús y a su Santísima Madre, María. Nuestra esperanza es ayudar a crear una devoción y fortalecer nuestra creencia en la Presencia Real de Jesús en el Santísimo Sacramento.

Amigos de Jesús y María

Somos un grupo de oración para niños de todas las edades que nos reunimos todas las semanas. Juntos aprendemos a amar, honrar y adorar a Dios.

Alianza Matrimonial

Compuesto por parejas dedicadas a fomentar el bienestar de las familias hispanohablantes a través de mejorar la relacion entre los esposos, la familia y la comunidad.

La actividad más importante es el “Fin de Semana del Convenio”, un retiro de un fin de semana para todo tipo de parejas que conviven, en el cual se analiza profundamente la relación y la comunicación en el hogar.

Cadena de oración

Se hacen intercesiones por las intenciones que dejan en la Capilla de Adoración. También usted puede llamar por teléfono y comunicarnos sus necesidades.

El Espíritu de Dios vive en los niños y obra la plenitud de Su Gracia. El grupo los guía para encontrar el poder del Espíritu dentro de ellos mismos y de los demás y permitir que brille.

También aprenden a ser un miembro activo de la comunidad de la iglesia ya participar en ella. Somos un grupo de oración para niños de todas las edades que nos reunimos todas las semanas. Juntos aprendemos a amar, honrar y adorar a Dios. Rezamos el Santo Rosario, meditamos las lecturas del evangelio de cada semana y las llevamos a adorar al Santísimo Sacramento. Todos los padres están invitados a asistir. Somos parte de un Movimiento apostólico de las Arquidiócesis de Miami, The Florida Center for Peace.

Cenáculo Contemplativo de la Divina Misericordia

Nos reunimos en comunidad en Adoración y Recogimiento para Contemplar y Venerar la Imagen de Jesús de la Divina Misericordia. Con canciones, oraciones, rezando la coronilla y meditando el “Diario” la Divina Misericordia en mi alma, bajo la espiritualidad de St. Faustina, nos permitimos profundizar nuestra fe acercándonos con confianza a la fuente de la Misericordia de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo.

Grupo de Oración Fe y Esperanza

El grupo de Oración se formó para glorificar y adorar al Padre, por medio de Jesucristo, que nos invita a elevarlo y alabanzas; siendo al Espíritu Santo, el impulsor vivificante quien nos guía y enseña.

En él se comparte y se medita la Palabra y se dan testimonios personales, presentándose así un Dios vivo entre nosotros. Se imparte oración de sanación al término del mismo, y festejamos fechas bíblicas y personales con la finalidad de compartir como comunidad. El grupo se reúne los miércoles a las 8:15 pm, en la Capilla después de la Misa de 7:30 pm. Las Noches de Alabanza se llevarán a cabo un día sábado, dos veces al año.

Están bienvenidos a rezar con nosotros el Santo Rosario a las 7:00 pm antes de la Santa Misa. una manera más permanente.

Retiros Emaús

El Retiro Emaús es dado por laicos de la parroquia para laicos de la parroquia. Es un llamado a encontrarnos con la Persona de Jesucristo en nuestras vidas como cristianos y miembros de una comunidad de fe, a través de la oración, los sacramentos y otros.

Es encontrarse con Jesús dondequiera que uno esté en su camino de fe individual. Hay cuatro modalidades diferentes - Hombres y Mujeres, tanto en inglés como en español. Los avisos de próximos retiros se publican en el boletín parroquial.

Fechas siguientes:

Emaus Mujeres Junio 14, 15 y 16 del 2024 Registro en línea
Emaus Mujeres Agosto 2, 3 y 4 del 2024 Registro en línea
Legión de María

Los miembros de la Legión de María son parte de una organización internacional sancionada por la Santa Madre Iglesia para realizar obras de misericordia litúrgicas (oración) y corporales a través de la membresía Auxiliar o Activa.

La membresía activa incluye visitas a pacientes en hospitales y hogares de ancianos; visitar a los reclusos; alimentar a los pobres y desamparados; visitar a los enfermos en los hogares; ser voluntario en el hospicio y promover la devoción a la Santísima Madre a través de eventos parroquiales, especialmente durante los meses de mayo y octubre; promover la devoción al Sagrado Corazón a través de la consagración; y Entronización del Sagrado Corazón en los hogares de las familias que lo soliciten.

La membresía auxiliar (rezando) requiere el rezo diario del Rosario y el rezo de la Oración de la Legión “La Catena”.

Matrimonios en Victoria

Matrimonios en Victoria es un movimiento laico católico internacional y un apostolado de la Arquidiócesis de Miami para el enriquecimiento del matrimonio.

A través de la combinación de retiros en español e inglés y reuniones semanales de crecimiento espiritual continuo en sus diferentes comunidades, el movimiento busca fortalecer el compromiso mutuo de los cónyuges a medida que descubren el plan de Dios para su matrimonio, ofreciéndoles herramientas prácticas y espiritualies. Nuestro principal objetivo es la santificación del matrimonio, célula fundamental de la familia, de la Iglesia y de la sociedad.

Hora Santa y Noche de Alabanza

Cada primer viernes del mes, San Luis organiza una hora santa y alabanza y adoración en devoción al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

Seminarios de Vida en el Espíritu

El Seminario de Vida en el Espíritu, se lleva a cabo durante un fin de semana, dos veces al año con el propósito de llevar a las personas a una relación más íntima con Jesús a través del poder del Espíritu Santo.

Está basado en las escrituras y en los dones del Espíritu Santo, que nos permite sanar, crecer y amar más al Señor; esto se realiza mediante charlas y actividades distintas. También nos proporciona la oportunidad de servir en nuestra comunidad, a través del amor que se da en el servicio a los demás. Esté pendiente del boletín parroquial donde se anuncian los Seminarios.