Religious Education (CCD)

Grades 1st through 12th

Archdiocesan Policies

The Religious Education Program adheres to Archdiocesan policies regarding Face Mask usage, Safe Social Distancing, Custody Issues, Creating and Maintaining a Safe Environment for Children and Vulnerable Adults, Reporting Abuse, Harassment, and Bullying.

Arrivals/Prayer & Worship Time

With the exception of the first day of class, all students will assemble in the church. Please park, walk student(s) to the church, sign them in, and wait for the teacher or teen assistant to arrive. Parents are welcome to join us for prayer and enjoy the presentations.

Authorization Pick-Up Cards

Parents will be given an authorization pick-up card when they drop off their child(ren) on the first day of class. This card MUST ALWAYS be displayed in order to pick up the student for the remainder of the year. NO STUDENT WILL BE RELEASED WITHOUT THIS CARD. Anyone without the pick-up card must go to the Religious Education office and show a photo ID to verify authorization.

Cell Phones

Students may not use cell phones during Religious Education classes. Phones should be turned off prior to arrival. Cell phones of students who do not comply with this policy will be removed, and a parent will be required to retrieve the phone. Students may use the office phone if necessary for emergency purposes, and parents may contact the office in case of emergency.


Please be sure that your contact information is up to date in our records. If you have had any changes in your contact information since registration, please contact our office as soon as possible at Our primary means of communicating with parents is via email. Please check your email regularly for Religious Education news and updates. If you suspect that you are not receiving our emails, please check your SPAM emails first. Most of the time your computer may have a safety program that rejects bulk emails. If this is not the issue, please let us know to verify with you the email address we have in our system.


Our faith formation program is called Gospel Weeklies by the Pflaum Publishing Group. It is a liturgically based program, where we bring the students to find Jesus in their daily lives and discover His face in the people they encounter. The program serves the Catholic families with a variety of resources, videos and activities to do together.

You can visit the website where you can find the Scope and Sequence of the program, Family Resources, and additional valuable information.


Students will be dismissed from their classrooms located in the Assembly Hall and only to an authorized adult. Authorized adults must always display their Authorization Pick-Up Card upon entering the Assembly Hall building and again at the classroom door to the teacher or assistant where they will sign their initials next to their child’s name on the Attendance Log. After 10 minutes of dismissal, remaining students will be taken to the Religious Education office. For the safety of our students, park in the parking lot. Do not park in the priests’ parking spaces. Please supervise your children as you walk them to your parked car.

Early Release/Late Arrivals

Early release and/or late arrivals are strongly discouraged. Early departures and/or late arrivals may be counted as absences.

Emergency Closings

In case of weather-related emergencies such as tropical storms or hurricanes, our program follows Miami Dade County Public Schools decisions regarding emergency closings. Parents should listen to broadcasts and keep their children home on days when the local public schools are closed.

First Communion

Parents of students in their second year of First Communion preparation are required to attend the following: two mandatory parent meetings (for parents only), First Reconciliation, the Enrollment Ceremony, and the parent/student First Communion Retreat.

Mass Attendance

Sunday Mass attendance is an essential part of your child’s Religious Education. Therefore, weekly Sunday Mass attendance is required. Students and their families may attend any Mass. The Church is open for Mass and we follow the protocol of safe-distancing and cleaning after every Mass, as established by the CDC and the Archdiocese of Miami. The students receive every week in class a yellow envelope to drop, before or after Mass, in one of the baskets placed in the entrance of the Church. This will help them understand the importance of offering their time, talent and treasure to God. Please remember that the child has to write their name, the teacher’s name and a good thing they did during the week as an offering to the Lord.


Please arrive on time as class starts promptly at the scheduled time. Late arrivals are disruptive. We also ask that you please pick up your children on time. We do not have volunteers or staff members available after hours.

Shared Prayer

The Religious Education staff prays regularly for our students, teachers, all those who assist us, and their entire families. Should you have a special need or prayer request please submit it to the office and we will gladly include it in our prayers.

Student Conduct

All students are expected to show respect for others at all times and follow program and classroom rules, policies, and procedures. In addition, bullying is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Parents will be asked to accompany a child that is continually disruptive.


We are always in need of volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering may contact our office at (305) 238-7562 (ext 1500) or by email at

As mandated by the Archdiocese of Miami all adult volunteers (18 and over) MUST submit to a background check, sign and uphold the Volunteer Pledge to Promote a Safe Environment, and complete and maintain Virtus training. There is no cost to you to complete these requirements.

Right to Amend

Since situations can arise that may have not been foreseen at the time of writing these guidelines, the Saint Louis Religious Education program reserves the right to initiate, change, or modify the policies as needed. Parents and students will be notified of any amendments.