Parish & Finance Councils


Pastor Rev. Gabriel Vigués
Chairman Andy De Cardenas
Vice-Chair Jay Pierce
Secretary Karla Armstrong
Carlos Benitez
Carlos Baixauli
Pablo Camelo
Mike DeFerrari
Liede DeValdivielso
Ros Hagley
Alex Jesurun
Manny Lara
Irma Matos
Michael Morejon
Jorge Martinez-Esteve
Michelle Nonez
Gemma Pineda


Pastor Rev. Gabriel Vigués
Voting Members
Raphael Leite
Monique Befeler
Gemma Pineda
Faustino (Tino) Montero
Non-Voting Members
Maria Josefina Urain

Financial Year ending 06/30/2023

Support and Revenue

Offertory Collections 1,740,820
Bookstore 153,800
Festival for the Poor 132,088
Gifts and Donations 71,526
Bulding Fund 49,998
Others 57,041
Mass Intentions/Stole Fees 86,392
CCD 42,679
TOTAL 2,334,345


Salaries, Payroll Taxes & Benefits 911,420
Repairs and Maintenance 286,566
Archdiocese Assessment 207,598
Others 232,664
Property and Liability Insurance 108,166
Gifts to Entities 98,039
Festival for the Poor Utilities 97,209
Utilities 92,758
ABCD Shortfall 91,065
Supplies 63,055
CCD Expenses 38,576
Book Store Merchandising 37,388
TOTAL 2,264,506
Net Income 69,839


  1. Financial figures reflect Archidiocese Statement of Activities for Saint Louis Catholic Church for fiscal Year starting on 07/01/2022 and ending on 06/30/2023
  2. ABCD Shortfall reflects Fiscal Year figure and not 2023 Campaing position that has been weekly published in the Bulletin
  3. Others considering group of accounts and accounting entries