Religious Education (CCD)

Grades K through 12th

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Emergency contact: Please complete the following authorization form with the names of contacts who will be contacted, if parents/guardians cannot be located. You authorize St. Louis Catholic Church to transport child to an emergency room in the event of accident or sickness. Parents are responsible for all the medical expenses incurred during emergencies.

List two (2) persons in order of priority:

List the names of all authorized persons who'll pick up your child on class days

Parents/Guardians are responsible to notify us of any changes to this information.

Teaching Boundary Safety Progam

Teaching children to protect themselves is part of the mandate of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in June 2002.

Durning the school year we will teach two lessons on "Boundary Safety" for all grades. These sessions are merely to reinforce what you teach at home. Materials for parents are available in the Religious Education Office and at virtusonline.



Tuition is Due at Time of Registration.

Early Registration

  • Until July 31st - $100.00
  • Beginning on August 1st - $140.00
  • Each additional child - $50.00

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